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Our Services


ATX Drafting Services has been able to provide a reliable, efficient, cost effective product to clients, both local and national. As a team, we cover all disciplines of drafting, such as Architectural (both commercial & residential), Engineering, MEP plans, Utility and Telecommunications Layouts, Pool and Landscaping Plans, Metal Work, and much more. We are readily available when needed, and can provide efficient turnaround times to meet your deadlines. We can assist at all stages of a project, whether from the conceptual stages/sketches, or the drafting of redlines on existing files. As drafters, we are able to take the load off of the designers, and create working plans to build upon. Our "As-Built" services utilize laser and tape measuring and leveling, and we pride ourselves on maintaining accuracy in our measurements.

We are mobile and maintain flexible schedules for your convenience. We do offer estimations of cost upon request.

Please take a look below at some examples of our work...


In our many years drafting, we have come across many beautiful, functional, and impressive designs, from both companies and from individual homeowners.

Our plan sets have included (but are not limited to) Dimensioned Floorplans, Electrical Plan Layouts, Exterior Elevation Views, Interior Elevations and/or Details, Roof Layouts, General Site Layouts, Cross Sections, Materials Plans, Spacial Planning, and MEP Layouts.

We have done smaller 800 sqft guest houses, and multi-story commercial buildngs, and so much in between.



This discipline holds several areas of expertise, and we have been able to be a part of so many of them. From Mechanical and Plumbing Layouts, to Wastewater Management Systems, and Telecommunications Plans (for buildings and city wide systems).


They also include Site Evaluation Plans, Foundation/Slab Layouts, City Inspection Plans (asbestos, lead, etc), and much more.


This area of design offers us the opportunity to draw inspired and more colorful ideas. We have worked up custom swimming pools with beautiful spas, negative edge walls, flowing fountains, water slides, and so much more, big and small.

Landscaping designs are a way of working up an imaginative layout, and can be done in general terms or more specific plans, listing the types and amounts of vegetation to be used.

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